Alyse Stone (b. New York, NY) is an American, multi-disciplinary visual artist, engineer, and historical futurist. She lives and works between London and Los Angeles.

Stone’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally. Her mural-sized paintings, material evolutionary sculptures, sci-fi writing, and large-scale installations merge to build worlds that foreground the Black imagination in an entirely new terrain. Moments of history in the present are recreated through both virtual and physical storytelling in a method that she has defined as Historical Futurism for her forthcoming project The Black Alchemisphere. Informed by personal histories, Stone’s process of time-parallel fictioning is cemented with archival research and storytelling through the lens of escape, and discovery. Reclaiming Black Freedom through emerging technologies and building new datasets to inform the catalyst for reformation, while simultaneously correcting the past, she understands the potential for art to act as a vessel for change, a constant voice to comment, and technology as an instrument to democratize societal innovation. Stone presents a challenge to the past from the present: engineering new methodologies and mythologies for a democratic future.

Stone previewed The Black Alchemisphere, at the Beyond Surfaces festival at the Tate Modern. She is the second Black student in the history of the Royal College of Art to attend the institution on a Global Talent Visa sponsored by the British Arts Council. She received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from George Washington University and was sponsored by Northrop Grumman as a Jackie Robinson Scholar. Stone’s tech credentials include launching her first start-up at 21 years old and as Product Design Engineer has spearheaded projects for Apple and Google that have driven ~$24 million in revenue.

She was shortlisted for 2023 Bloomberg New Contemporaries and has been profiled by Calvin Klein. Involved in social/political work for a decade, Stone received a commission encouraging voting for the United States 2020 Election and led an art activism initiative in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, titled THE ART OF MAKING NOISE.

The beginning of her Black Alchemisphere debuted as a walkable solo installation that ran parallel to her degree show at Truman Brewery. Guests walked Stone’s universe which included a multi-channel installation and performance at Shoreditch Arts Club, and a solo installation at House of Annetta. The artist has been featured on Good Morning America, Design Miami’s In the Mix, NBC LA News, and Voyage LA Magazine. In addition, GRAMMY Award-Winning musicians Lionel Richie and Jose Feliciano have commissioned Stone, with the commission debut for Jose Feliciano at the Detroit Tigers Stadium at the Blue Moon-sponsored World Series Exhibition, followed by a feature at the Detroit Historical Museum.

 Stone’s complete CV available upon request.
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Photography byLisandra Vasquez

Photography by Aisha Seriki

Alyse Stone is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and engineer whose practice is rooted in time-parallel fictioning through a method she defines as Historical Futurism. An afrofuturist, Stone reimagines the complexities of contemporary ecosystems through analytical worldbuilding. The artist examines painting, sculpture, writing, immersive, and installation as a means to explore a new landscape of Black imagination and escapism as a concourse to freedom. By combining art, technology, storytelling, and archival research, Stone bridges the informational gaps that have the power to transform conversations in our society. With each developed narrative, the artist immerses herself in these new realities of mixed media and technology to revolutionize the visual dialogue.