private installation,
Matt’s Gallery London



Alyse constructs her detailed universe of Black Alchemy and auto-science fiction to teleport the viewer to an alternate universe through time travel. In this universe, Black Women are the main characters, history is reimagined, and the main character discovers the deep well of her powers and the unlimited possibilities in this new time dimension.

This Private Gallery next to the American Embassy was the site for two intro chapters of Stone’s Black Alchemisphere. The first chapter titled A Portal to the World,  teleports the audience and introduces this new universe. The second introductory chapter, titled Dark Matter, will leave the viewer in an oasis of new cosmic materiality. The installation is comprised of over 10 paintings, 13 sculptures, video installation, as well as mixed media works, and works made using virtual reality.

Alyse has been working on this project for three years. She has written a book that will accompany the final exhibition when it launches next year.

// Transmission Begins::;

In The Beginning There Was Alchemy...

A force took her over,
A whispering...
There was something more waiting for her.
Looking, evading,
ever present, and always watching.

She beckoned to “it”...
    the “it”, a curiosity and longing she could not quite describe.
“it” was a door, an invitation,
  A portal to another world. Another life.
Another understanding of the universe.
“it” was simply a door,
   and she would walk through it.
An adventure and quest awaiting her.
Where will this journey lead you?