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A World Honoring a Hero: Jose Feliciano
Acrylic, spray paint, silver leaf, mixed media, archival images on restored wooden cargo shipment from Twentieth Century Fox
39 x 72 x 1.5 in

Artist Alyse Stone was commissioned to create a mixed media painting celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Jose Feliciano’s iconic stylizing of the Star Spangled Banner at the fifth game of the World Series in 1968. Despite being controversial at the time, Jose’s rendition was the first time the Star Spangled Banner was ever on the Top 100 Pop Charts.

The painting features a young Jose performing in Amsterdam in the 70’s. There are 13 broken abstract red and white stripes to symbolize the history of our country. Instead of the typical 50 stars, the painting features 51 stars, one for Puerto Rico where Feliciano is from. “A World Honoring a Hero”, was created on a restored wooden cargo shipment from Twentieth Century Fox.

The 72 x 39 in piece pays tribute to a Global Music Superstar, whom among other accolades, won 9 GRAMMY’s, and a Lifetime Achievement Award. Feliciano’s perseverance and dedication as a singer, songwriter, and musician, has inspired millions of people throughout his career.

The painting debuted at the Detroit Tigers Stadium Blue Moon sponsored World Series Exhibition, followed by a feature at the Detroit Historical Museum. The painting is apart of Feliciano’s documentary titled, “Behind His Guitar” which recently had it’s red carpet debut with Telemundo in Miami, Florida.

The painting has been featured on Good Morning America for Feliciano’s album debut, and at the 2019 GRAMMY Awards Celebration in Los Angeles.

For more on the special commission, please see the press release.