2021 - 2023

mixed media

Aurora Consurgens: Decoding the Enigma of Historical Truth
Archives, mixed media, gold leaf, metal patina on canvas
130 cm x 182 cm x 10 cm, 2023

Paphnutia, the Black Alchemist
Archives, mixed media, gold leaf, on canvas
180 x 127 x 4 cm, 2023

Ensorcels: the Black Alchemists

Reborn a Black Alchemist, each woman traverses the corridors of time. A carbon copy of the lantern of her soul becomes the steadfast anchor for her and the transformative journey that lies ahead. The mixed media composition showcases archival images, alongside genuine alchemical texts sourced from Stone's meticulous research.

Within this Black Alchemical Universe, the central characters engage with numerous historical figures, breathing life into encounters that transcend the boundaries of reality. Fiction gracefully weaves itself into the narrative, seamlessly bridging the gaps for conversations, interactions, and the retelling of speculative histories, all with the intent of reshaping the trajectory of contemporary discourse.

The archives swiftly emerge as a cornerstone of this artistic methodology. However, they often bear the weight of incompleteness, with forgotten tales or unrecoverable remnants. Within every step of the process, gaps persist, as eloquently expressed by Ines Ponte, who regards archives as "structured repositories whose dynamics rely on the archivist," thereby introducing the possibility of human fallibility in the preservation of history. The culmination of this three-year research initiative presents an idea: a methodology and a visual practice that both scrutinize and establish a sacred space wherein new possibilities can emerge for Black women, both in the present and the future.